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Custom Molding.

Blow Molding

Dial has the ability to bring your product form conception to reality. With injection molding machines from 75 ton to 1450 and blow molding capabilities, we are your one stop shop for plastic parts.

From commodity to engineered resins, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done. Along with our proprietary line of plastic housewares, we produce components for a broad spectrum of industries from construction, and agriculture to health and beauty. We are one of the few custom molders with both injection molding and blow molding capabilities. We also do secondary operations such as sonic welding, assembly, kitting, and packaging.

We have our own line of products that we manufacture and distribute to retailers all over the world, so we are familiar with everything from retail packaging and UPCs to just-in-time manufacturing and world wide logistics.

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Our Products

Unique products for your home and office.


Austin Abbott Corp.

Fun items for personalization, gifts, and favors.


Kondor Packaging Solutions

The original Malibu tube, cylinder rounds, caps and closures.


Custom Molding

Injection molding: 75 - 1450 ton.

Blow Molding.